Bulgaria – Presidential veto

One of the features of Bulgaria’s recent period of cohabitation between the Socialist President, Georgi Parvanov, and the GERB government of Boyko Borisov was the relatively high number of presidential vetoes. The victory of GERB president Rosen Plevneliev in the election last year and his inauguration in January marked the end of the period of cohabitation. However, President Plevneliev has now issued his first two vetoes and in quick succession.

Art. 101 of the 1991 Bulgarian Constitution states: “(1) … the President shall be free to return a bill together with his motives to the National Assembly for further debate, which shall not be refused. (2) The new passage of such a bill shall require a majority of more than half of all Members of the National Assembly. (3) Following a new passage of the bill by the National Assembly, the President shall promulgate it within seven days following its receipt.”

The first veto concerned the Bill Amending and Supplementing the Judiciary Act, which was passed by parliament on 7 June. Novinite is reporting that President Plevneliev objected to certain parts of the Bill. However, my understanding is that the whole Bill returns to parliament to be voted upon again.

The second veto concerned the Forestry Act, which was passed by parliament earlier in the week. Novinite is reporting that President Plevneliev has vetoed the whole Bill. The Forestry Act had provoked an ‘occupy’ protest, more details about which are available here. PM Borisov seems to have sensed the anger with the legislation and Novinite reports he is indicating that he will amend the Bill. Novinite also reports that the president intended the veto to lead to negotiations between representatives of the different interests.

So, in the sources that I have access to there does not seem to be any public hostility between the president and the PM, but it is interesting that vetoes are occurring even when outside a period of cohabitation.


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