DRC – Presidential election

In the Democratic Republic of Congo presidential and legislative elections were held on 28 November. The announcement of the results was delayed a number of times, heightening tensions. The result has now been released. Here are the figures reported by DigitalCongo:

Joseph Kabila – 48.95%
Etienne Tshisekedi (Union for Democracy and Social Progress – UDPS) – 32.33%
Vital Kamerh (union for the Congolese Nation), 7.74%
Kengo wa Dondo – 4.35%

Regular readers will remember that there was a constitutional amendment earlier in the year that changed the system from a two-ballot to a single-ballot system. So, the incumbent president, Joseph Kabila, has been re-elected.

There are already accusation of fraud. There is a report from the International Crisis Group here.

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