Gabon – President promises constitutional revision

Yesterday it was Mozambique, today it is Gabon’s turn to embark upon a process of constitutional revision.

At the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, President Ali Bongo announced that revisions would be proposed that affected “three paragraphs and 36 articles” of the constitution.

Gaboneco is reporting that, among other things, the rules determining the eligibility of candidates for the presidential election will be reconsidered; the duration of any presidential “incapacity” period will be extended; the president’s authority as commader-in-chief will now include ‘the defence forces”; there will be reforms regarding the judiciary; and some changes to fundamental rights.

What does not seem to be on the agenda is a change to the method of electing the presidency. In 2003, this was amended to a single ballot majority system, which favours the incumbent and which the opposition want amended.

The constitution dates back to 1991 and was amended most recently in 2003. The up-to-date version of the text is available in French here.

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