Guinea-Bissau – Presidential election 1st round

The first round of the presidential election in Guinea-Bissau was held on 18 March. Provisional results are available from Jornal Nô Pintcha.

Carlos Gomes Júnior (Partido Africano da Independência da Guiné e Cabo Verde – PAIGC), 48.97%
Koumba Yalá (Partido para a Renovação Social – PRS), 23,36%
Manuel Serifo Nhamadjo (current president of the National Assembly), 15,74%
Henrique Pereira Rosa (independent, former interim President of the Republic), 5.4%
Baciro Dja (current Minister of Defense), 3.26%
Afonso Té, 1.39%
Vicente Fernandes, 1.04%
Serifo Baldé, 0.46%
Luis Nancassa, 0.37%

Turnout 55%.

So, the second round will match the former PM, Carlos Gomes Júnior, against the former President of the Republic, Koumba Yalá.

There is little doubt about the result of the second round. Koumba Yalá polls heavily among his ethnic group, but he is unlikely to have wider appeal especially after his disastrous presidency previously and also because the ruling PAIGC remains popular.


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