Kyrgyzstan – How to whittle down the number of presidential candidates

The presidential election in Kyrgyzstan is set for 31 October. Obviously, it is a very important test for democracy in the country following last year’s revolution.

Originally, 65 people registered for the election. However, the Kyrgyz news agency is reporting that only 22 of those people lodged the KGS100,000 deposit that was required in order to stand.

In addition to a financial requirement, there is also a language requirement. Candidates must be fluent in Kyrgyz. The Central Election Commission is now holding a language test to determine whether or not they can. The first tests were held last week and the Kyrgyz news agency is reporting that two of the first five candidates failed the test. The other candidates will be tested in the next couple of weeks. Those failing the test do not get back their deposit.

Finally, candidates have to submit a certain amount of signatures in order to be able to stand. The Kyrgyz new agency is reporting that, so far, only six candidates have deposited a sufficient number of signatures.

So, from an original field of 65 candidates the chances are that only a small number of them will actually contest next month’s election.

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