Lithuania – Municipal elections

In Lithuania, municipal elections were held on 27 February.

The Lithuania Tribune is reporting the following results:

Social Democrat party 328 mandates
Conservative party (TS) 249 mandates
Labour party 165 mandates
Order and Justice party 155 mandates
Lithuanian Peasants Popular Union 147 mandates
Liberal and Centre Union 126 mandates
Liberal Movement 98
New Union (Social Liberals) 52
The coalition of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania and Lithuanian Russian Union received 61 mandates
The Lithuanian Centre Party won 19 mandates
The Christian Party got 15 mandates
Arturas Zuokas and Vilnius Coalition 12 mandates

The Lithuania Electoral Commission provides a nice graphic of the 2007 results here. It shows the Social Democrat party with 302 seats and the Conservatives with 256 seats. So, relative to the previous election, the elections can be seen as a good result for the opposition Social Democrats. However, they might have been hoping for a better showing. Moreover, while the main government party, the TS, lost seats, it might have been expected to do worse.

The main shifts came with the smaller parties. The Labour party did well, up from 111 seats in 2007. By contrast the Liberal and Centre Union was down from 182 seats. Equally, though the party labels are a little difficult to follow, the Liberal party also seems to have registered a big decline.

So, overall, it seems to have been a stalemate for the two main parties. However, the government parties as a whole suffered a big drop in seats.

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