Macedonia – Presidential election

Macedonia held a presidential election on 22 March. Southeast European Times reports the following results with most of the votes counted:

Turnout 53.9%
Gjorge Ivanov (VMRO-DPMNE), 35.1%
Ljubomir Frckovski (SDSM), 20.3%

In addition, Balkan Insight gives some other figures:

Ljube Boskoski (Independent), about 15%
Imer Selmani (New Democracy), about 15%
Agron Buxhaku (Democratic Union for Integration) 7.5%
Nano Ruzin (Liberal Democrats) 4%
Mirushe Hoxha (Democratic Party of Albanians) 3%

The second ballot will be on 5 April. Recall that Macedonia’s president is weak with a Shugart and Carey score of 2 (Elgie and Moestrup eds., Semi-presidentialism in Central and Eastern Europe, 2008), though with a Siaroff score of 4, and that a VMRO-DPMNE win would end the current period of cohabitation.

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