Mali- Presidential election

The presidential election in Mali was held at the weekend. This was the first presidential election since the coup last year. The coup itself was precipitated by the presidential that was meant to be held then.

Since the coup, there was the AQMI conflict in the north of the country. This has now largely been put down thanks to international intervention. Thanks also to international pressure the coup leaders stepped down and the constitution was restored. So, even if Mali is still in a precarious state, the presidential election was able to go ahead in good order.

The results have just been announced. They are:

  • Ibrahim Boubakar Keïta – 39.24%
  • Soumaïla Cissé – 19.44%
  • Dramane Dembélé – 9.59%
  • Modibo Sidibé – 4.87%
  • Housseini Amion Guindo – 4.63%

No other candidate, and there were 24 others, won more than 2.5 per cent. Turnout was 51.54 per cent.

So, there will be a second round on 11 August. The favourite is probably still former PM and speaker of the National Assembly, Ibrahim Boubakar Keïta (IBK).

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