Montenegro – Elections in March?

The Constitutional Law that accompanied Montenegro’s 2007 Constitution specified (Art. 14) that parliamentary elections had to be held before the end of 2009, this despite the fact that parliament’s term is four years and that the last parliamentary election was held in September 2006.

Southeast European Times is now reporting that Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic has hinted that elections will be held quite early in 2009. In fact, Wikipedia already has a page dedicated to the election that it states will be held on 29 March. The source of the story, according to Southeast European Times, is the newspaper Vijesti.

In April 2008 Filip Vujanovic, from the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), was elected president. (See previous post). Prime Minister Djukanovic is also from the DPS. The government is mainly a coalition of the DPS and the Social Democratic Party of Montenegro (SDP), with one representative from the Democratic Union of Albanians. The report in Vijesti states that both the DPS and the SDP are in favour of early elections.

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