Republika Srpska – Presidential election

The Republika Srpska is officially recognized as one of the two entities that compose the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has its own constitution, which is semi-presidential. A previous post provides an overview of the system there.

On Sunday, elections were held for all representative institutions in the Federation, including presidential and parliamentary elections in the Republika Srpska. The Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina has figures for the elections.

The presidential election was not a surprise. It was won by Milorad Dodik from the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats. He was previously the prime minister of the Republika Srpska. He is considered to be a nationalist candidate who supports the idea of a separate state for Republika Srpska and has proposed a referendum on the issue. He won 51.9% of the vote, beating Ognjen Tadić from the Coalition Together for Srpska. He was considered a more moderate figure and won 37.0%. The figures seem to be for the percentage of votes cast rather than valid votes cast.

I do not yet have the figures for the parliamentary election.

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