Rwanda – Senate election

Rwanda held Senate elections on 26-27 September. Details are very hard to come by. However, the new institution has met and elected a president. He is Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo and he was elected by 20 votes to 4.

The Senate was established in 2003 and serves for an 8-year term. So, this was only the second Senate election. There are 26 Senators, 12 of whom are now elected in multi-member constituencies by local councillors, and 1 each by the public and private universities respectively. In addition, the President of the Republic appoints 8 Senators and the National Consultative Forum of Political Organisations appoints the final 4 Senators. At least 30% of the institution must be women.

There are some details about the electorate and who was elected here. There are some details about the electoral law here. The list of Senators is available here. No party affiliations are provided, but it can safely be assumed that the new institution is unlikely to challenge President Kagame.

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