Slovenia – New coalition agreed

The long-running governmental crisis in Slovenia looks like it has been resolved. Late last night four parties signed a coalition agreement. This will now be voted on in parliament.

The previous government headed by Janez Janša of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) slowly disintegrated in the face of corruption accusations against the PM. The PM refused to stand down. Gradually, one coalition party after another left the government. Finally, on 26 February PM Janša was replaced by Alenka Bratušek of the Positive Slovenia party in a constructive vote of no-confidence.

PM-designate Bratušek had 15 days to propose a new government. Last night, an agreement was reached between Positive Slovenia (PS), the Social Demsocrats, the Citizens’ List (DL) and the Pensioners’ Party (DeSUS). According to the figures on the National Assembly website, if all these parties vote for the government, then it will have the support of 49 deputies in the 90-seat Assembly.

There is, however, one potential problem. There are reports that DeSUS may be on the verge of splitting. The party leader has suspended his membership. It is not clear to me whether or not the division is related to the process of government formation. If it is not, which is probably the case, then both groups could still support the government. Anyway, there will be a vote in the next few days.

With President Borut Pahor being from the Social Democrats, Slovenia had been experiencing a period of cohabitation since his inauguration on 23 December 2012. However, if the proposed government does come to power, then the period of cohabitation will end.

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