TRNC – Legislative election

The Turkish Republic of Norther Cyrpus (TRNC) went to the polls yesterday to elect its legislature. The election was held a year before the scheduled date and resulted from a successful vote of no-confidence in the previous government.

Hürriyet Daily News is reporting the following result:

  • Turkish Party-United Front (CTP-BG), 38.49% (21 seats)
  • National Union Party (UBP), 27.16% (14 seats)
  • Democrat Party-Nationalist Powers (DP-UG), 23.1% (12 seats)
  • Communal Democracy Party (TDP), 7.41% (3 seats)

Turnout was 70 per cent.

The president of TRNC, Derviş Eroğlu, represents the UBP. The interim government, following the vote of no-confidence, was a three-party CTP-BG, DP-UG, TDP, coalition. Therefore, there was a period of cohabitation.

Following the election, the three-partycoalition could be returned, or a simple CTP-BG, DP-UG could form a majority government. This would extend the period of cohabitation. There are other combinations too, including ones where the UBP is in government, but the likelihood of these may be small.

The presidential election is likely to be held in 2015.

There is some context to the election available in European Voice here.

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