East Timor – Parliamentary Election

In April 2012 José Maria Vasconcelos (Taur Matan Ruak) was elected as president of East Timor. He was an independent, but he was supported by the Conselho Nacional de Reconstrução de Timor, CNRT (National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction). The CNRT was the part of the incumbent prime minister (and president from 2002-2007), Xanana Gusmão.

Parliamentary elections were held at the weakend. In theory, they were ‘honeymoon’ elections.

The Electoral Commission is reporting the following results:

  • CNRT, 30.66% – 30 seats, +12
  • FRETILIN, 29.87% – 25 seats, +4
  • Partido Democrático (Democratic Party) – 8 seats, no change
  • Frente de Reconstrução Nacional de Timor-Leste – Mudança – 2 seats, +2

So, there was a sort of honeymoon. However, the CNRT has not won an absolute majority, which is 33 of the 65 seats. Therefore, there will have to be a coalition.

While a coalition between the CNRT, the Partido Democrático and perhaps the Frenti-Mudança as well would generate a majority, there is talk of a national government comprising the CNRT and FRETILIN.

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