Serbia – New government

In Serbia, concurrent presidential and legislative elections were held on 6 May. The new president is Tomislav Nikolić from the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). He beat incumbent president Boris Tadić of the Democratic party.

The legislative election did not generate a majority. Initially, Boris Tadić looked like he would be able to form a coalition opposed to President Nikolić and the SNS. This would have generated a period of cohabitation. However, the kingmakers were the Socialists (SPS) and they were unable to reach an agreement this time with Tadić.

As a result, negotiations started between the SNS and the SPS. B92 reports that they have now reached a conclusion. There will be a four-party coalition that includes the United Regions of Serbia (URS) and the United Pensioners of Serbia (PUPS) party too. So, cohabitation has been avoided. There are some details of the coalition agreement here.

The investiture vote will be taken later this month. The government should have a secure majority. That said, the PUPS party only agreed to join the coalition at the very last minute. If it withdraws at any time during the legislature, then the government’s majority would be very small.

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