Rwanda – Legislative election

In Rwanda voting took place in the legislative election on 15 and 16 September. The National Electoral Commission has posted the following results:

Turnout 98.5%
Valid votes of those cast: 98.8%

RPF-LED COALITION, 3,655,956, 78.76%, 42 seats
PSD, 609,327, 13.12%, 7 seats
PL, 348,186, 7.5%, 4 seats
HARELIMANA J.M.V, 27,848, 0.6%, 0 seats

So, President Paul Kagame’s ruling RPF party (and its coalition allies) has won an overwhelming majority. It would be somewhat misleading to call the PSD and PL ‘opposition parties’. They are still close to the RPF.

The voting to elect the remaining deputies has been completed. These deputies are elected indirectly by various panels. The names are on the Electoral Commission website, but not party affiliations. Rest assured that most will not be too far from the RPF.

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