Serbia – Government composition

On Friday, the parliament of Serbia approved the new government. B92 reports that the government was approved by 142 votes to 72 with 26 abstentions.

The Prime Minister, Ivica Dačić, is from the SPS (Socialist Party of Serbia). There are six parties in the government, including the SPS. The party composition (excluding the PM) from Wikipedia is as follows:

  • SPS, 4 ministries
  • SNS (Serbian Progressive Party), 6 ministries
  • SDPS (Social Democratic Party of Serbia), 1 ministry
  • PUPS (Party of United Pensioners of Serbia), 1 ministry
  • G17+, 3 ministries
  • There are 2 independent minister, both nominated by the SNS
  • There is a non-cabinet minister from SDAS (Party of Democratic Action of Sandžak )

It is worth noting that the SPS and PUPS fought the election as part of a coalition. So, it is not surprising to see both in the coalition.

Links to the party composition of previous Serbian governments can be found here.

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