Slovenia – No government yet

The legislative election in Slovenia took place in early December. So far, though, no government has been formed.

Here is the party distribution:

Positive Slovenia (PS), 28 seats
Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), 26 seats
Social Democrats (SD), 10 seats
Gregor Virant’s Civic List (LGV), 8 seats
Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (DeSUS), 6 seats
Slovenian People’s Party (SLS), 6 seats
New Slovenia (NSi), 4 seats
Others, 2 seats

A majority government needs the support of at least 46 deputies.

Last week, PS, SD, LGV and DeSUS announced a coalition agreement under the leadership of Zoran Janković of Positive Slovenia. However, in the end the LGV group announced that it would not support the agreement. So, when a vote was taken in parliament, Janković received the support of only 42 deputies.

The next attempt at forming a coalition will go to former PM, Janez Janša, who is the head of SDS. In theory a new PM has to be designated by this time next week. If that is impossible, then a new election cannot be ruled out.

Meanwhile, Slovenia was downgraded by the S & P ratings agency at the weekend. So, there is a strong economic imperative to form a stable government.

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